There are several players on the Heat who have excelled in this series. Cody Zeller, who only joined the team in February 2023, is one of them.

Fans have questioned Cody Zeller's face mask use throughout the series with the Celtics.

Because of a nasal fracture he sustained in a game against the Orlando Magic in March, Zeller chooses to protect himself by donning a clear facemask while playing.

According to reports, Erik Spoelstra stated that Cody Zeller would be able to use a mask he had for a previous broken nose once it had been fixed.

Cody mentioned wearing a mask and added, "I have two. The first time was when they did a facial laser mapping scan of my face while I was with Charlotte (he also played for the Bobcats). That one didn't appeal to me as much.

Cody says the mask he prefers is "a plaster cast over your whole face, and just had tiny little tubes in your nose." He continued, "And this one fits a lot better than the laser one."

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