US can select England Under-21 footballer for soccer team, says FIFA

England and Arsenal Folarin Balogun, a player for the Gunners on loan, has been the focus of all eyes and football analysts since his stunning performance for Reims in France.

Folarin Balogun will be available for selection by the US soccer team, FIFA has now confirmed.

Folarin Balogun is qualified for the US, England, and Nigeria. Folarin Balogun was born in New York,

and as he dazzled his way through the 2022–2023 campaign, his international allegiance came into question.

According to an AP report, FIFA has granted the US Soccer Federation's request to switch the 21-year-old forward Balogun's national eligibility from England.

With 19 goals, Balogun has competed with Kylian Mbappé for the league's top scorer for much of the season. Mbappé is currently PSG's leader with 26 points.

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