Spurs Fiesta 5: Zach Collins "fantastic" Gregg Popovich

Collins has been out for two years and has performed admirably, according to Popovich.

He's merely developed and is returning to his potential, and for what he's doing, he deserves a lot of praise from both sides of the court.

The composition of the San Antonio Spurs' ownership group is about to undergo a significant change.

"We sold around half of our investment because a buyer was establishing an ownership position with the team and that was what that buyer intended to buy with regard to that portion of ownership,

"With their 112-103 victory against the Miami Heat in Game 5, the New York Knicks were able to avoid elimination in what had grown to be one of the more surprisingly lopsided series.

To save their season, they will need to force a Game 7 on Friday night as they are still behind 3-2 in this series.

According to NBA insiders, the Lakers believe that, barring any setbacks, Davis should be able to play for LA on Friday in a potential closeout game.

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