Pickleball is replacing Bed Bath & Beyond and Old Navy at malls

The Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, and Saks Off 5th stores are closing, and they will be replaced by pickleball in your neighborhood mall.

The match has advantages for both mall owners and pickleball players, despite the match's seemingly odd strategy.

Malls require new tenants to occupy vacant space and draw customers from establishments other than their traditional department store anchors and clothing stores.

After years of sparse social interaction due to the pandemic, consumers are yearning for enjoyable, social experiences, and they have switched their spending from goods to experiences like going to the movies, playing video games, and visiting amusement parks.

According to a report released this week by real estate investment firm JLL, malls are adjusting to these trends by bringing in a wider variety of tenants and events to boost foot traffic.

Along with skydiving, virtual golf, and breweries, malls now offer a new mix of activities.

America's fastest growing sport is pickleball, meanwhile. Game supporters and creators are scrambling to locate empty lots where courts can be built.

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