On Mother’s Day, keep your cards. Invest in moms

This year, I don't want candy or jewelry for Mother's Day.  This Mother's Day, I want us to put our attention toward making this nation a better and safer place for mothers.

Coming up on Mother's Day will be the first one for many women who never wanted to be mothers because of a number of harsh restrictions on access to abortions that have been put in place. 

Some of those women may be trying to flee violent marriages or relationships. 

The NCADV estimates that 20% of pregnant women experience violence, making it a more common complication than gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. 

Additionally, homicides, the majority of which occurred in the first trimester, are the leading cause of death for pregnant women. 

Unfortunately, whether or not the child is your spouse's, you cannot legally end a divorce in Missouri while you are pregnant. 

According to a Commonwealth Fund study of the 10 wealthy nations, the United States has the highest maternal mortality rate among those who did want to become mothers. 

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