Neymar signing would revive Cristiano Ronaldo problem at Manchester United

In his first season at Manchester United, Erik ten Hag has presided over significant change, and one of his greatest strengths has been a prudent approach to the transfer market.

Last summer, United spent more than £200 million, but they did so without a plan that had been missing for a while.

Ten Hag identified the areas of the team that needed improvement, and while he did not always get his way, there were backup plans in place to ensure that someone would step in and make the team better.

The club will probably spend a lot again in preparation for the upcoming season, despite concerns about who will cash the checks.

This methodical approach to an aggressive but thoughtful window makes news that United is interested in Neymar all the more unexpected.

These rumors have covered a variety of topics, including Neymar's interest in the Premier League and Casemiro's potential role in bringing him to Old Trafford.

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