LeBron James gives high compliment to Nuggets

On Monday, the Denver Nuggets completed a sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, and that accomplishment was enough to earn a commendation from one of their opponents.

After Denver's 113-111 victory, LeBron James praised the Nuggets, calling them the best playoff opponent since he and Anthony Davis played together on the Lakers four years ago.

It's important to note that the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in 2020 to win the NBA championship. 

The Phoenix Suns team, which competed against the Lakers, advanced to the NBA Finals in 2021.

James' analysis cannot easily be contested. With Nikola Jokic serving as the team's MVP, the Nuggets are a complete unit. 

The extra boost the Nuggets required came from Jamal Murray's post-injury return to stardom, and it was evident throughout the series. Regardless of who they face in the NBA Finals, they will likely be favorites.

James' own future is considerably less certain than one might have anticipated it to be 24 hours ago.

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