Lakers' Anthony Davis seemingly unaware about LeBron James' retirement talk

Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers appeared to be unaware of LeBron James' remarks about a potential retirement Monday night.

James, 38, told ESPN he would have to think about leaving, while Davis, 30, was speaking to a larger group of media and talking in part about his future with the Lakers and James.

After the Denver Nuggets swept the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference finals, Davis said, "We don't know what team we have next year."

But whoever we have, they should arrive at training camp with the intention of creating chemistry and a solid foundation, with LeBron and I setting the example and working to advance the team.

James played a key role in the Lakers' decision to sign Davis to a five-year, $190 million deal in December 2020. The two stars were supposed to collect numerous championship rings.

"Yeah, we know the window is always small and obviously he's not getting any younger," said Davis. This is why it was so crucial for both of us, and it hurts that we weren't able to complete it. 

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