I found joy in Oakland’s baseball hell

The Oakland A's are a terrible group. They don't have one of baseball's worst records because they want to select Reggie Jackson III in the future.

These A's are an outlier even among that group in their organized sloth. Many teams in Major League Baseball are tanking simply because they never want to compete — for any reason. 

In case you're not familiar with Oakland's decision to switch from Moneyball to just Money, allow me to explain why.

Because MLB is unsure of what else to do with them, their owner, John Fisher, has been granted permission to move the A's to Las Vegas. Few do.

This team has consequently secretly contracted itself. a sail-less ghost ship. It happens frequently that fewer people attend an A's home game than my wedding.

When supporters do show up, it's typically to tell Fisher to screw himself. This team may be the worst in baseball history, not just the worst in the current season.

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