Happy Mother’s Day

We simply asked people in Forsyth Park to tell us about their mothers for Mother's Day, and the responses will make your heart melt.

She was a motivator. She was there for me at all times. She was the best mother ever, and she loved God with all of her heart, according to Nancy Branem.

Stephanie Panah said of the woman, "She has endured hardships, and she is awesome and amazing, and she just has stamina and stoicism, and she is incredible."

Her journey from drug use and financial success to becoming a woman of Christ has been amazing. For me, my children, and my entire family, it has been an incredible source of inspiration.

She has been sober and free for about 20 years now, and it has been amazing to watch her grow and become the better mother she always wanted to be, said Brandon Gloster.

She is my everything, my hero. Many children have a teddy bear or other special blanket, and for me, my mother filled that role.

I don't have anything that would serve as an attachment, like a teddy bear or anything similar. Just my mom," said Rachel Himes.

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