Happy Mother's Day to Martha

Although Martha taught in a different district, she lived in one. As a result, Martha would bring her son to work on days when her school was in session but her son's was not. 

Taking his mother to seven consecutive classes. He regarded it as excellent. She was a physical education teacher. Yes, seven hours straight of exercise. 

Basketball, dodgeball, or whatever the day's featured sport was. He once brought his hockey equipment and spent the entire day playing goalie while young children of all ages learned how to swing a hockey stick.

Years later, he says, "Dream come true."  Summers were even more adored by Martha's boy. He believes he played more games with Martha than any of his friends up until middle school.

In the driveway is a horse. Outside whiffle ball is played. Swimming. golf ball smacking into a bucket. Every day of the summer was an individual P.E. class. 

The son of Martha said, "She was so great in so many ways. "Just such a wonderful place to raise a family. Just the time she took to be with me as well. 

"Now that I think about it, she taught P.E. classes to children for most of the year. Although it would be very simple to take a vacation in the summer, it seemed that she would join me then. P.E. would be taught at our house.  

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