Game 6 against Warriors, D'Angelo Russell, must be won by being focused.

The Los Angeles Lakers come home to try to defeat the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 Arena after losing Game 5 on the road.

The defending champions would want to force a Game 7 back at Chase Center, giving them the chance to come back from being down 3-1 in the series and go to the Western Conference Finals.

D'Angelo Russell talked about the factors that are necessary for the Lakers to prevail in Game 6 despite the fact that he knows it won't be simple.

"Just being focused," Russell stated following Game 5. "I believe that our group should just be concentrated. You can't have one or two guys who aren't locked up because it will affect you in the end

The Lakers have been in this predicament before; they met the Memphis Grizzlies in the opening round. After taking a 3-1 lead, the Lakers lost Game 5 on the road before coming home and claiming a 40-point victory in Game 6 to win the series.

Russell advised the Lakers to keep their attention on what lies ahead of them rather than what has come before them even though they can draw on that experience.

"Honestly, one game at a time. You make an effort to lose yourself in your concentration and resist getting sucked by the surrounding circumstances.

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