Arsenal's Balogun switches from England to United States: FIFA

Folarin Balogun of Arsenal has switched his allegiance from England to the United States, FIFA announced on Tuesday.

"The player Folarin Jolaoluwa Balogun's change of association from England to the USA has been approved," a FIFA spokesperson stated.

Balogun, who was born in New York and moved to England when he was two years old, could have represented Nigeria, where his parents are from, as well as the United States and England.

Despite having played youth football for the United States, Balogun has spent the majority of his career playing for England, where he has been a member of the Under-21 squad.

The American team has been in desperate need of a goal scorer for years. After a protracted struggle with England, they finally have one.

It's entertaining to recall that "Here to chase tail" actually signaled the start of one of the greatest American men's national team sagas in modern history.

The great race began as soon as those words were noticed in Folarin Balogun's Instagram background and as soon as USMNT Twitter sleuths linked those words to an Orlando bar.

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